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Sold in over 160 garden centers & health food stores, KnowingNature's easy & reusable products are helping thousands of people grow microgreens at home. Our patented planters work with soil & seeds from your store so that customers return to your store year round for refills & new seed varieties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping - When will my order arrive? What is the cost of shipping?

Orders are fulfilled within 3 business days. Orders arrive at their destination within 1-2 weeks of placing the order. For rush delivery, email for pricing.

Shipping is currently calculated as a flat fee based on order total, per below. These prices may change in the future if carrier prices change.

  • $150 - $200 - $18/order
  • $201 - $400 - $25/order
  • $401 - $650 - $40/order
  • > $650 based on quote

We ship to all US territories. To inquire about shipping to locations outside of the United States, please email with location and quantities.

Payment - Do you offer net terms? What payments do you accept?

Yes we offer net terms. Generally, we extend Net 30 to retailers with at least 1 physical store location. To receive Net 30, place your order via this website. After we receive the order, we confirm the location and will notify you within 1 business day if you do not qualify for Net 30.

We accept payments as follows:

  • Via check. Make check payable to KnowingNature LLC and mail to: KnowingNature, 80 Brayton Street, Englewood, NJ 07631.
  • Via Zelle. Use email
  • Online. Click on the invoice you receive via email and follow the instructions. You can use a credit card and various other online payment forms (e.g., apple pay, shop pay, paypal).

To inquiry about other payment arrangements, email Rachel at

Please note that failure to pay invoices when due may result in future orders being held until payment is made and/or requiring payment prior to delivery.

Packaging - Do you offer display packaging?


Floor displays hold over $1200 of retail product and create an easy & attractive experience for customers. Click here to save money when you purchase a display + product bundle.

Planters arrive in shelf ready packaging that can be opened and used as a display case. Each display case holds 6 planters upright and can be disposed off after use. Please see the planter listing for pictures & sizes. This packaging is included in the listed price.

Seeds arrive with vertical display strips that can be hung from a display shelf. Please see the seed listing for pictures & sizes. One display strip is included with each pack of 6 seeds and is included in the listed price.

Grow kits are in boxes that can be lined up vertically or stacked horizotally. They do not have separate display packaging.

Where are your products made?

All KnowingNature products are proudly made in the United States with a domestic supply chain. Made in the USA is one of our core values. We do it to support jobs in the communities we live in, and to have 100% transparency & confidence in the quality of our products.

The KnowingNature warehouse is located in Saddle Brook, NJ. All products and orders are assembled by hand & shipped out of our warehouse.

Our planters are manufactured via injection molding in Paterson, NJ. Our injection molder is a family owned business that has been an amazing partner in ensuring the consistent quality & fast turn around of our products.

The plastic used in our planters is FDA certified food grade, BPA free & pthalate free, and sourced in the United States.

Our product packaging is made in New York & New Jersey.

Our floor displays are made in Massachusetts.

What do you suggest for an opening order?

For a beautiful set up that will drive sales, our Floor Display is the best place to start. It is a thoughtful arrangement of products that is easy to set up and looks great.

For a smaller space, we suggest

  • 1 case of forest green planters (P01)
  • 1 case of blush pink planters (P06)
  • 6 packs of broccoli seeds (S04)
  • 6 packs of pea shoots seeds (S03)
  • 1 case of coco coir (D01)
  • 5 grow kits in lime green (K01)

Kits that are displayed alongside the planters offer a gift choice and enhance the browsing experience with additional imagery & information from the box. Kits are also a good fit for holiday gift displays and fast-grabs by the register.