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Reusable Microgreens Grow Kits

Reusable Microgreens Grow Kits

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Kit Includes:
  • Reusable KnowingNature Planter - BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe
  • Organic Seeds - 3 Sets 
  • 3 Expanding Coco Coir Discs 
  • Colorful Instructions
  • Nutritional Information & Eating Suggestions

Description: This easy kit includes everything a home grower needs to grow 3 delicious varieties of microgreens indoors. The perfect gardening gift, add-on for excited spring gardens, and introduction to microgreens. Each planting is start-to-finish in 7-10 days. Grows on any indoor windowsill, even with low light, even for the "I kill plants" types. Always made in the USAÂ đŸ—œ

You will grow: 

đŸŒ±Sweet & crunchy pea shoots 
đŸŒ± Light & sweet wheatgrass 
đŸŒ± Spicy daikon radish  

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Suggested Store Placement:

  • Produce aisle
  • Wellness
  • Indoor Gardening
  • Beginner Gardeners
  • Edibles
  • Small Space Gardening
  • Kids Gardening
  • In The Classroom
  • Limited Mobility Gardening (because these are light weight and do not require bending down) 
  • Off-Season Gardening (when it is too hot or cold to garden outside)