Mix & Match Bundle

Holds $1,302 Retail Product

- Cost (Including Shipping): $684

- Covers every step of growing from start to finish

- Cross-sell products

- Year-round design

- Made in the USA

- Easy set up

Additional Information

- Promotion: The cost of the display and shipping all the products is $150, and we split this cost with you so that you only pay $75. This will appear on your order as $75 for the display and $0 shipping.

- Add Ons: Add up to $150 of additional product to your display order at no additional shipping cost.

- For Color or Variety Swaps: If you would like to change the colors and/or varieties included in the product bundle, then enter your preferences in the notes to your order and we will make the changes before accepting the order so that your selection will be reflected in the order details.

- Color. Made of white corrugate (available in black upon request)

- Size. Overall WxHxD 22.5" x 65.8" x 27.5"

- Assembly required. Arrives in its own box directly from the manufacturer

- Lead time approximately 1-2 weeks

- Available separately without product bundle for $75 (subject to shipping costs)

- Exact SKUs:
P01 x 6 (Forest Green Planters)
P02 x 6 (Moonlight Blue Planters)
P03 x 6 (Jet Black Planters)
P04 x 6 (Lime Green Planters)
P05 x 6 (Sky Blue Planters)
D01 x 16 (Organic Coco Coir Discs)
S01 x 12 (Daikon Radish Seeds)
S04 x 12 (Broccoli Seeds)
K01 x 5 (Grow Kits, Lime Planter)
K02 x 5 (Grow Kits, Forest Planter)